New Community Payback vans
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New vans help drive Community Payback forward

A new fleet of Community Payback vehicles will be rolling its way through the south west of England, supporting service delivery in Dorset, Devon and Cornwall (DDC) and Bristol, Gloucestershire, Somerset and Wiltshire (BGSW) Probation Services.

The 30 vans, provided by Yeoman’s Citroen in Exeter, are the result of an eight-month project that will support the probation services to deliver an improved and safer Community Payback service across the regions.

Offenders can be sentenced to Unpaid Work (known as Community Payback) as a way of paying something back to local communities as a result of their crime.

Kerri Nason, DDC Assistant Chief Probation Officer, reports that the vans are being well-received by the Community Payback teams: “Dorset was the lucky local delivery unit to receive the first batch and are delighted with how they are performing in the field. The new vehicles from Citroen provide a valuable resource to our rural delivery of unpaid work.”

The project, which has been funded by the Ministry of Justice (MoJ), has been a collaborative effort across multiple organisations and teams, to ensure that the vans are providing the highest level of safety and functionality for their use.

Kevin Kemp, Seetec Fleet and Facilities Coordinator, said: “We worked with everyone involved to ensure that we delivered on requirements and expectations, to provide the right type of vehicle for the Community Payback operation. I believe we have succeeded in doing so.”

Following the full rollout, there are further plans in place for the “Driving Forward Together” project. The existing vans, which are still within contract, are being relocated to support services in Wales. Plans for a Driver Helpline support, Driver training programmes and app-based Daily Vehicle Checks are also underway.

For more information about how Community Payback benefits local communities, and to get involved, click here.