Support service users with mental health conditions
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Pilot programme to support service users with mental health conditions

We are pleased to announce that a pilot scheme has been launched in the Plymouth office of Dorset, Devon and Cornwall (DDC) Probation Services, aimed at helping people on probation with mental health conditions find a job and progress in their career.

The pilot programme, launched by Seetec Pluss in partnership with Livewell South West, will run for a year.

Wellbeing 4 Work will offer specialist mental health support through a dedicated change coach. Those on probation will receive one-to-one support for up to six months, with a personalised health and wellbeing support programme. This will be designed to help them progress into meaningful employment, retain their job and develop continuously on the job.

As well as one-to-one support, the programme offers holistic support, including NHS health practitioners and a peer support programme. Wellbeing 4 Work will complement other rehabilitation commitments and support services being accessed by the offender.

Statistics show that employment plays a major role in rehabilitation and reducing reoffending. Only 17% of ex-offenders find work within a year of release and this programme recognises the additional barriers to work that offenders with mental health conditions face.

Charlie Baker, Chief Probation Officer for Case Management in DDC Probation Services, said: “This is a fantastic example of multi-agency work for offenders in the community.

“The Wellbeing 4 Work team is working closely with DDC Probation Services to pilot a much-needed provision to work towards the successful rehabilitation of offenders in the Plymouth area.

“We are very excited to see this project launched and look forward to seeing offenders usefully employed as a result.”

Chris Harrison, Executive Director of Employability for Seetec Pluss, said: “We are delighted to be working with colleagues in DDC Probation Services to provide specialist mental health and wellbeing supported employment, along with Livewell South West.

“Together we’ll provide employment opportunities for offenders in Plymouth to find, progress and retain employment.

“We are determined to change the statistics surrounding unemployment for ex-offenders, and helping our users to gain skills, confidence and value through work will empower them to take full control and get life back on track.”

Dorset, Devon and Cornwall Probation Services is a division of the Kent, Surrey and Sussex Community Rehabilitation Company, part of the Seetec Group. For more information about working in partnership with Seetec to prevent reoffending, click here