New year, new beginnings

New year, new beginnings

I want to take this opportunity to thank all our partners, employee-owners and volunteers for their hard work and contributions throughout 2020 in response to Covid-19.

The pandemic remains an unprecedented challenge, but we accomplished a great deal last year. We also continue to show great professionalism in meeting the changing face of our operational requirements as we manage the additional pressures associated with the latest lockdown.

Last year, through our behavioural change programmes, interventions and confidence building work, we supported over 13,100 offenders to turn their lives around for the better – benefiting themselves, their families and their communities. Service users on Community Payback also completed the equivalent of over £3.6 million worth of unpaid work for organisations such as charities, faith groups or councils.

Thanks to all our joint efforts over the years, reoffending rates are now at their lowest in 12 years.

Although the response to Covid-19 is still at the forefront of our minds this year, we also have lots to look forward to in 2021.

Later this year, we will unveil a new brand and strategy that will replace Seetec Justice as the business moves forward and pursues new opportunities. Seetec Justice is currently our umbrella brand for all justice contracts, including probation services and prison work.

Interventions Alliance is the brand that will represent our new vision and direction for the future. It will combine our knowledge, skills and experience across the justice and social care sectors to create evidence-led solutions that help people build better futures and wellbeing.

Our aim is to launch Interventions Alliance at the same time we commence two of our new, life-transforming services –  the  CFO Activity Hubs and a resettlement home based in Bristol. 

2021 also marks the end of our probation services contracts. I am proud of what we have achieved and through our continued, and constructive engagement with the government, we work towards delivering a smooth transition in June. It is important to remember that Robert Buckland, the then Minister of State for Justice, who is now the Lord Chancellor, hailed our Community Rehabilitation Company as “…an example of how best practice has been achieved…” during a House of Commons debate in 2019. I am hopeful we can continue to deliver rehabilitative services through the probation dynamic framework. The Ministry of Justice should announce two of these new awards imminently.

Whatever this year brings, I am confident that by working together we will continue to deliver results that make our communities safer and confront the many social care challenges that are all too common in the criminal justice system.


Executive Director of Justice and Social Care