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Criminal justice interventions

Dorset, Devon and Cornwall Probation Services provides a wide range of interventions and wraparound support to deliver the sentence of the courts and meet individual needs across a diverse local geography. Our network of nine local probation offices provide a welcoming, rehabilitative environment for service users and our partnership agencies.

A central element of service delivery across DDC is an integrated interventions team. This team delivers accredited programmes and rehabilitation activity requirements (RAR) and runs senior attendance centres.

We analyse data on factors linked to offending behaviour to inform our understanding of crime trends and to review and update our suite of interventions.

Our research unit provides us with evidence of what works to make sure our programmes are effective in reducing the risk of reoffending and harm, and to help individuals make positive changes to their lives.


We allocate a case manager to people we supervise. The case manager assesses the individual’s risk and needs, oversees all elements of the sentence and takes enforcement action where necessary. This includes overseeing the delivery of interventions and wraparound support.

Throughout the supervision period, the case manager has regular face-to-face contact with the service user, according to the sentence requirements and their level of risk, need and motivation.